How to Renew EXIM Code online ?

Renewal EXIM code online in Nepal

It is now easy to process. The export-import code or ExIm code is an identification number of the exporters and importers issued by the Department of Custom for international import and export of goods and services.

Business or Institutions Obtaining ExIm Code have to renew the ExIm code at the Beginning of every Fiscal Year.

Required Documents for ExIm Code Renewal:

  1. Bank Guarantee Scanned Letter
  2. Connect IPS Account for e-payment
  3. Need to clear previous fiscal year Tax. No need to scan tax clearance letter, it will automatically synchronize by the system if you have already cleared it.

Steps for Renewal:

Step 1: Go to the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Finance, Department of Customs Website

Department of commerce


Step 2: Click on EXIM code icon and Proceed: You will be directed to EXIM code portal

Step 3: Click and proceed to EXIM Portal (2): To renew EXIM Code

Custom Exim Portal

Step 4: Login To Access EXIM Portal 

Input your user name, Password and sign in. If you don’t know your user name type U followed by your 15 Character EXIM Code
E.g. U9999999999999NP,

If you don’t know your password also, go to the forgotten password and enter your user name as mentioned above and Registered Contact No same as on your EXIM code, and press Reset.

User name EXIM

Step 5: From EXIM User home, Go to  Renew Exim Code (3)

How to Renew EXIM Code online ?


Step 6: Fill your details on empty boxes, Some of the details and Tax clearance (if updated on IRD system) will be filled automatically. Choose an appropriate type (export, Import or both) and Fiscal Year.  Click on save and next for proceed. 

Exim code renew

Step 7: Fill up Bank Guarantee details and upload Bank Guarantee letter. 

In this form, you have to fill bank guarantee number, Bank Name, Address, Location, Validity etc. After filling the form you have to upload your scanned bank guarantee document on Jpg format.

Step 8: Online Payment for EXIM Code Renewal
The transaction Code with the details will be generated there and you will get two option there.

Bank Deposit and ePayment

If you select bank deposit you will be provided with a form to upload the bank voucher of the deposit made in the bank.

Proceed for e-payment. After selecting e-payment now click on Go to Online Pay  The System will automatically direct you to Connect IPS website, You have to enter user name and password, and have to make payment. For Renewal fee normal fee is 1,000. The system will show you the amount there automatically.


Select Fiscal Year, Online Payment (Check Amount to be paid)

Payment Option


EXIM Code Renewal and Generate Transaction Code


After Generating Transaction Code, The new pop up box appears showing Transaction details. Proceed to Online Payment.

Select on Online Payment: Connect IPS, Fill up username password and make payment online.


Then finally when the payment is completed connect IPS portal a successful message is displayed.


Navigate to the Renew Form tab to submit the completed renewal form. 


Follow the details as per the notice of Department of Custom


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