Easy Steps To Get EXIM Code In Nepal

The export-import code or ExIm code is an identification number of the exporters and importers issued by the Department of Custom for international import and export of goods and services.

Government of Nepal, Minsitry of Finance, Department of Customs is responsible for issuing EXIM code in Nepal. In Nepal EXIM code lenghth issued by Customs Department is 13 letters. Any Company, firm or institution whether manufacturing or trading who want to import or export any goods and services has to obtain the EXIM Code in Nepal.

Required Documents For Applying for EXIM CODE

  1. Online Application (Details Below)
  2. Citizenship copy of an individual or all of shareholders if it is partnership firm. For Company registered as Pvt. Ltd. photocopy of partnership agreement, Share Log book (Share Lagat), Other documents (Prabandapatra, Niyamawali), Company minute mentioning about among shareholders whose photo will be displayed under EXIM Certificate.
  3. PAN Certificate (For VAT product business firm need to be registered on VAT)
  4. Department of Commerce Registration Documents or Department of Cottage and small industries or Department of Industry registration. (Minimum 10 Lakh paid up capital is mandatory)
  5. For excise duty related product such as tobacco, alchohol related products licence required. For general products it is not mandatory.
  6. Original copy of Bank Guarantee of Rs 300,000 (Three Lakhs) from A Class Bank. Date of expiry of bank guarantee should be for minmimum of 1 fiscal year for eg 16th July 2022. 
  7. Recommendation from bank ( as per schedule- 2) with photo of one signatories of that bank account.
  8. Tax Clearance Certificate Photocopy
  9. Other related documents if required
  10.  Location map



How to Apply for EXIM Code Online in Nepal

For getting EXIM Code certificate you have to fill the online application form. Here are the details of the process

For Import following documents required for getting new EXIM code

  • Bank Guarantee (Rs 300,000)
  • Bank guarantee Anusuchi 2
  • PAN certificate
  • Banijya Certificate or uddhyog or gharelu
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Citizenship

required document for exim code registration

Go to Importer Exporter System

Importer Exportr licence nepal

Go to 1 Login / Register (For New Exim Code)

Fill the complete information on this page such as username, password, email, contact number and select verifying custom office and press register.


After filling this you will get a submission number. Print it or note down the submission number, your user name and password you set.


Now go to Submission Login Form. Sign in to start your session

Select on Application Registration you will get the display as follows. Fill the PAN number and wait for few seconds it will automatically display your company name, and details.

Exim code process in Nepal

Now fill all the details information in this given form.

If you are a company fill all Proprietor/Partner/Director Details. Please check ‘For Certificate’ box before clicking Add New button, if the person being added is the person whose photo and info is to be displayed in the EXIM Code Certificate.


Upload Bank Guarantee and Following Documents

Upload following documents for getting EXIM

Business/Industry Registration: Upload Department of Commerce Certificate or department of industry certificate.

Bank Certificate: Certificate issued by Bank with photo.

Voucher is not needed for new exim registration.


Scanned document should be in Jpeg/Png form below 500 KB. Use image size minification to make small size photo.


After Submitting the appkication, print the application and go to the Custom office (Exim Verification Room) with all your self attested photocopy of uploaded documents and as per above checklist mentioned on the top of this post (S.N 1 to 10) Bank guarantee and letter need to submit original. After approval you will get exim code instantly.

You have to renew your EXIM Certificate yearly. 


Note: This post is only for information purpose. If you need details information regarding this please contact Custom Department office. If you like this post don’t forgot to comment. 

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