Karnali Bridge Nepal

Karnali Chisapani bridge Nepal is the most popular bridge located in Chisapani, Nepal. It is popular because it has only one pillar which holds the 500 meters long bridge. In the above photo, we can clearly see that there is one tall tower and cables are connected with a bridge and tower, this type of bridge is known as a cable-stayed bridge. This bridge connects two districts Bardiya and Kailali of Nepal. It was constructed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan. 

Karnali Bridge

Length of Karnali bridge in Nepal:

It is 500 meters long.
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How can we reach Karnali Bridge: 

This bridge falls on the Mahendra Highway. We have two options to reach there, One is from Nepalgunj and another is from Dhangadi to Karnali Bridge. If you travel to mid or far western Nepal manage your time and go to visit the best architect. 

Nepalgunj to Karnali bridge:

If you are planning to start the journey from Nepalgunj, there are public vehicles available for Nepalgunj to Dhangadi Route via Bardiya National Park. The distance from Nepalgunj to Karnali Bridge, Chisapani is about 95 Km, As per google map the time to reach the destination is about 2 hours but due to speed limit inside the Bardiya National park territory, the time takes longer.  
You can also hire a vehicle from Nepalgunj.   

Dhangadi to Karnali Bridge: 

The distance from Dhangadi airport to Karnali Bridge is 82  Km. We have to catch public vehicle from Dhangadi Chauraha to Bardiya or Nepalgunj route. 

More Photo of Karnali bridge of Nepal :

Karnali Bridge Pillar
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