What are different Refractive surgeries performed at Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology (TIO)?

Currently TIO refractive surgery unit (RSU) is performing
• Femto LASIK (Laser assisted in situ Keratomelasia) and
• SMILE (Small Incision Lenticular Extraction)

What is the cost of the LASIK/SMILE surgery in Nepal?

The current cost of the surgery is 80,000 per person. Above this you will be charged NRS 110 as registration fee and Rs 3500 for Initial screening (consultation charges with surgeon, optometrist and all test done within the department). If you need cross consultation you will be charge as per the TIO price list.

How long does it take to complete the LASER Eye Surgery procedure?

Before the procedure is done in your eyes, you need go through a detail eye examination. Generally, if all is well you will complete these pre-tests in 2 appointments. The first appoint will be with the optometrist and the second one will be with the surgeon. These appoints are done on separate days. If you are found fit for the surgery in the pre-test, third appointment will be the surgery. We generally operate 3 days in a week. For now, it’s (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday). So, from the first appointment date you can complete all the procedure in 3-6 days, depending upon the slots of appointment available.


What is age limit of the procedure to be carried out?

These procedures (Surgery) can be carried out once an individual is above 18 years of age. There is no upper limit of the age
as long as the eye health is suitable.

How long should we follow-up after the surgery?

Follow-up examination is the regular eye examination procedure which is carried throughout the life. This can be done with
your local optometrist or ophthalmologist. But after surgery 1 week follow up with the clinic is compulsory (if we feel it’s necessary, we always extend this time period)

What is the power range that can operated at TIO?

Currently we are operating Myopia from -0.50 to -14.00 Diopters, Hyperopia from +0.50 to +8.00 Dipters, Astigmatism from 0.25D till 6.00D., We also have the procedure for presbyopia. (There are other procedures where we can go beyond this range, this is explained during the consultation with the optometrist and the surgeon both. So people who have prescription out of these range can also book their appointment for other options)

How can I book an appointment for Refractive Surgery at Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology?

You can call at the +977-1-4493775/4493776 and ask for extension no 602 to book your appointment for initial screening. If
you want to book you appointment through email you can always write to [email protected] or alternatively you can write to the surgeon [email protected] or to an optometrist at [email protected]

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