How To Get Free Domain in Nepal

How To Get Free Domain in Nepal?

The domain belongs to the country Nepal. Anyone with Nepalese Citizenship can able to get a free domain and PAN/VAT registered business form or institutes can able to get free or domain.

Available .np domains

  • for Commercial
  • for Cooperatives
  • for educational
  • for Governmental
  • for informational
  • for Nepal military
  • for network
  • for organization.


Here are the Steps to Get Free Domain Name

1. Visit Nepal’s official .np Domain Registration site for free domain Name

Please read the terms and conditions before proceeding another step.

2. Type your required domain name in the domain name box. Remember that for a  personal domain name should be based only on the applicant’s name as mentioned in the citizenship. 

For Example,

Then press on search

You will get Congratulations! is available. Click “Register Now” for further process.

If you don’t get this message and get Sorry! is already taken. Please choose another domain. Please change your domain name, modify little and search again till available notice appear.


3. After that Create User Account

Fill the details you have to use your citizenship name in a full name for both personal and organization domain. User email need to be correct for the domain confirmation, later you have to verify domain ownership from your email, So be careful while entering your email.

form for domain registraton

4. After creating an account you have to go to the Register Domain option and fill  Domain request form which requires Name Servers, Administrative contact and Technical contact.

Name ServersFill up your hostings name servers on primary and secondary name servers. If you don’t have any hosting servers till now. I will suggest you name the servers of the Babal host. I am also using the same hosting company and I am satisfied with them. I have provided the link to buy a cheap hosting package in Nepal at the end of this post.


5. Submit required documents

Upload Required documents:

For the personal domain, you have to upload a Copy of citizenship and a Cover letter.

For the company/organization, you have to upload a Copy of the company registration
Cover letter.

File size must be less than 200 kb. Compress the picture and make sure it is below 200 kilobytes. 


submit required documents


Cover Letter Sample for domain registration

Date: Today’s Date

The Host Master
Mercantile Communication Pvt.Ltd
DurbarMarg, Kathmandu, Nepal, 44600


Subject: Request for Domain Registration

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to request you for the domain registration for my of, for my personal use to share my knowledge and information via creating a blog. I have submitted my online form details where I had also submitted a scanned copy of my citizenship in the online registration form. I hope for your positive response.

Thanking You.

Full Name & Address

6. Submit and wait for approval.

It may take a few days for approval from Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd. Check your email and confirm your ownership verifications.

You will get free Domain in Nepal after processing this step.


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