Swayambhunath Stupa

Swyambhunath is the oldest religious place of Nepal.  It is about 25 century old. Swyambhu meaning the “self created ” and Stupa meaning ” the buddha’s Mind”. Stupa is suroounded by the pair of eyes which represents wisdom and compassion. Prayers  make round around the stupa by walking in a clockwise direction and recite mantras, turn prayer-wheels and make wishes for them. It is located in  central part of kathmandu valley. It is situated in the 77 m above the level of valley. It generally represents the typical buddhist architecture. Although it is buddhist architecture, the place is also revered by both buddhist and hindus.  It has main entrace gate with 360 steps leading all the way to top , from where all can enjoy magnificient view of Kathmandu Valley. The entire structure of stupa have some symbolic meanings. The white domb represents the entire world, and the thirteen pinnacle ( tower like structure) symbolize that sentient beings have to go through the thirteen stages of spiritual realizations to reach enlightenment. The nose like structure between the wisdom eyes is look like Nepali number one signify unity of all things existing in the world.

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