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Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB), Popular Facebook Page of Nepal

RONB is the most popular Facebook page of Nepal, many people know it better by its short-form RONB Nepal. This page has more than 1.8 M likes and follows on Facebook, 737k followers on Instagram and 68K followers on Twitter. The team of Routine of Nepal banda was started posting about Nepal Banda “Strikes in Nepal” on Facebook, As per Facebook page information they had created a page on May 26, 2011.


Facebook Page:

Routine of Nepal Banda Facebook Page:
Screenshot of RONB Facebook Page
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Routine of Nepal Banda Website:

As per their Facebook page, their website domain will be In their website, there is only one display page in which they have mentioned “Get Ready… Something Really Cool Is Coming Soon Citizen Journalism. Please send your article to [email protected]”  This shows they are coming with the concept of Citizen Journalism in Nepal in the near future.
Screenshot of RONB Official Website: Date 25 May 2020

RONB Instagram:



Who is the Admin of Routine of Nepal Banda?

As per Facebook page transparency, the group of People Who Manage Facebook Page include members from the following countries. 
  • Nepal (7 Members)
  • United States (1 Member)
So as per the above details, we can able to say the page is under control of 8 members Facebook profile. 

The blog Nepali Trends claims that “Mr Victor Poudel is the admin of Routine of Nepal banda. on their post of Man Behind Nepal’s No 1 Page “Routine of Nepal Banda” 

Also for further confirmation, The Kathmandu Post also mentioned the first Name of admin as “Victor” on their post Here’s how the popular Routine of Nepal Banda runs.



The official twitter account of Routine of Nepal banda is @RONBupdates
“Helping Hand, Entertainment, Up to date information” Every update matters.

Wow.. The tree house lies in the Khata corridor; south of Bardia National Park, very near to one of the famous Tharu home stay of Nepal, the Dalla home stay. The area is great habitat for elephants, tiger, rhinos , spotted dear and many species of birds.


Photo: Ajaya Shrestha

— Routine of Nepal banda (@RONBupdates) May 25, 2020

RONB Joined twitter on April 2015 and have 68K Followers

Legal Registration

In their Instagram page, they had mentioned that An official Instagram of ” Routine of Nepal banda “. Registered under Routine of Nepal Pvt. Ltd. As per The Kathmandu Post’s interview with Victor, they are Registered as an online media and the team also has a subscription to the national news agency Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS), and also an interesting part that admin mentioned there is they are thinking to remove Banda from their page in future because Banda is not relevant nowadays and their legal registration is only Routine of Nepal. 


My Photography on RONB:

Here are some of my photos which were uploaded by RONB on their page, I don’t have any personal communication with the page admin but I thought they took this photo from Nepalese in Photography Facebook group where I had uploaded it. I would like to thanks to the team of RONB Nepal for posting my photos. 



This Boudhanath Stupa photo was captured from Buddha Air, Pokhara Kathmandu Flight on 2017. At that time Drones were not commonly used in Nepal to capture aerial photos so that I think they posted this. 

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