9N-AEE Buddha Air Beechcraft 1900 D Aircraft

Buddha Air

Nepalese registration 9N-AEE (Nin-Er November Alpha Echo Echo) Beechcraft model aircraft belongs to the Buddha Air Private Limited Nepal. The Manufacturer Serial Number ( MSN) of this aircraft is UE-286 of Beechcraft 1900 model aircraft. MSN denotes the unique number which is assigned by the manufacturer based on the sequence of aircraft production.
Buddha air was established in Nepal on 23 April 1996, and the operations started on 11 October 1997. These Beechcraft aircraft are in services till the airlines started, Buddha air purchased brand new from the manufacturer, It is usually used for mountain flights by Buddha air on their earlier days. The International civil aviation organization registration code of Buddha air is BHA.


Beechcraft 1900 D or B-1900

  • 19-passenger capacity
  • Pressurized aircraft
  • Twin-engine turboprop fixed-wing
  • Manufactured by Raytheon Aircraft Company (now Beechcraft, Textron Aviation Beechcraft)
  • The engine used Pratt & Whitney PT6A
  • It can fly at 25,000 feet level.

Buddha Air 9N-AEE Beechcraft airplane landed at pokhara international airport

This aircraft was designed to use primarily as a regional airliner. It is also used as freight aircraft and corporate transport by some of the aviation companies like Beechcraft 1900D of Alpine Super Freighter STC which is Cargo Conversion, Chrono Aviation. It is also used as military aircraft by Algerian Air Force, Swiss airforce.



Beechcraft 1900 aircraft in Nepal:
Buddha Air private limited of Nepal operating 2 1900 D model aircraft (9N-AEE, 9N-AEW) and Simrik airlines of Nepal is operating two Beechcraft 1900 C model aircraft (9N-AGL, 9N-AGI) in Nepal. Both airlines based on Tribhuvan International airport, Kathmandu (KTM / VNKT). The flight usually performed by Beechcraft is on the following sectors:
  • Kathmandu-Mountain flight (Sightseeing of Mount Everest)
  • Kathmandu-Pokhara
  • Kathmandu-Simara
  • Kathmandu-Tumlingtar
  • Pokhara-Bhairahawa
  • Kathmandu-Bharatpur
  • Pokhara-Bhairahawa

Buddha Air Nepal


My Journey on Buddha Air 9N-AEE:

I fly on this aircraft from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar airport, which is pinpoint in the Sankhuwasabha district of eastern Nepal on this Beechcraft aeroplane. Flightdeck is visible during the flight and seat were configured at 1*1 configuration, which means that every passenger gets a windows seat. The takeoff, landing and cruising altitude journey were so smooth. I try to capture some of the videos of sight seen during my journey. Hope you will also like that.


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